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Thank you for visiting our site – it shows you are interested and may want to help?

You can do this by donating time or funds to our campaign as we believe every little helps. Your input can be as little as talking to your neighbours, printing posters or banners off  the site and displaying them in your window or garden, leafleting or telling your neighbours about our meetings or our latest campaign event!

We have found our biggest assets are retired professionals with time and a fountain of knowledge and experience to hand. You may know a colleague or friend that could offer invaluable information or contacts.

As a group we have a will and commitment to see that this dreadful industry is stopped before they contaminate or do any more damage to our families or environment.

If you have the means please help by donating to our funds to see that we succeed.


We are looking for people like you in our communities to help us to take on a multi-million pound company. To do this we have to counteract their well funded PR machine which is spinning the facts. This takes money.

Months of hard work, presentations to local residents, and influencing officials has brought us some successes but we need to carry on pushing to ensure that our valid concerns are addressed.

So far this campaign has been driven by volunteers with no funds – just a collective will to get to the truth and take action.

If you can help us by offering a financial contribution, no matter how small, please use one of the donation links below!

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Sign Petitions

We have set up our own petition here

“The oil and gas industry is seeking to exploit UK onshore gas reserves trapped in shale rock and coal beds requiring environmentally damaging and risky techniques, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking). We, the signatories of this petition, call on the coalition government in Westminster to impose a moratorium on shale gas exploration and production, and on the related coal bed methane extraction industry, at least until the results of studies here, in other countries in Europe and in the US have been properly evaluated. Such moratoria are already in place in, North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), New York State, New Jersey and a complete ban has been imposed in France.”

Please make the effort to sign it so that our politicians realise that they must take notice of the groundswell of public opinion against fracking.

How else can you help?

Write to your local MP and Councillor

If you live in the Fylde you can find your local councillors’ contact details here

To help you we have added a list of the most relevant councillors with their email addresses here

Here is a template letter for you to customise as you wish


This is a time of unprecedented challenge for all Councillors charged with the responsibility of making decisions on behalf of their local residents and evaluating planning applications for fossil fuel exploration and extraction.

I am sending you this letter in the hope that our Council may avoid recrimination / litigation further down the line, and to raise greater Local Government awareness of a potentially very dangerous practice for which planning permission has repeatedly been acquired through lack of clarity and lack of awareness on the part of  the electorate and their representatives.

As you should by now be aware, hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is a highly controversial method of hydrocarbon extraction.  Here in the Fylde we are in the front line as Cuadrilla Resources seek to exploit the reserves under the Bowland Shale.

Fracking for shale gas threatens to contaminate our air, our aquifers and our soil. It also brings with it the risk of earth quake damage to property. Even if all of the safety issues could be addressed, the long-term negative impact on the amenity value of our local environment resulting from the required infrastructure is not balanced by a corresponding benefit to our local or national economy. The infrastructural blight that fracking will bring in its train may include up to 800 gas wells, 80 well pads, gas pipeline to service them, powerstations at the well pads to convert the gas to electricity, possible waste water injection wells and the transport movements necessary to bring in huge volumes of water and dispose of contaminated waste water.

Horizontal fracking is a relatively new practice and has only been undertaken in its present from since about 2007. Its dangers are foreseeable but unpredictable and thus far regulation has not managed to keep pace with development. In the USA where the practice has been developing it has been demonstrated both to trigger earth tremors and to contaminate groundwater irreversibly, while releasing radioactive toxins previously locked safely into subterranean geology.

Hydraulic fracturing for gas is neither a sustainable nor effective way to meet our energy needs.  It’s a short-term, finite energy procurement technology which will not provide a long term local or national benefit.

It would appear that drilling and test-fracking permission applications from Cuadrilla got through “under the radar” last year and that far greater vigilance is now needed, both at Council and Government level if we as a country are collectively to make informed and responsible decisions that safeguard our future.

I understand that you are not a technical expert on shale gas drilling but would remind you that in the event that you are not sure of any downstream implications you should clearly be applying the precautionary principal  ( to any decisions you may be part of.  If you fail to do so you may be accountable for such decisions together with any others party to them in the event of future litigation.

The evidence that decisions on fracking are fraught with potential problems is clear from the fact that moratoria/bans on fracking have been delared in France, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Westphalia, South Africa, New York, New Jersey and in the Irish Counties of Roscommon, Leitrim, Clare, Donegal and Sligo.

UK MPs have tabled an Early Day Motion calling for a moratorium, and The Northern Ireland General Assembly has called for the same to be instated.

The French Government is now revoking some of the previously granted licenses.

Councillors from Surrey, West and East Sussex have already proposed Frack Free Zones in their localities and various Parish Councils have done the same.   I would urge you to reflect the concerns of your electorate by joining the rapidly building initiative to declare the Fylde a Fracking Free Zone.

For all our sakes and for a sustainable energy future in this country, please scrutinise very carefully any applications you receive and consider refusing those involving the practice of hydraulic fracturing.

If not, you may find yourself legally responsible for sanctioning irreversible damage both to the local natural and economic environment and to human health.

Yours sincerely


Besides funds which are needed to cover costs of printing and paying for venues etc we need specalist expertise in fields like PR ,IT , law, medicine, geology and engineering.

Ideally we would tap into a resource of local professionals, who could help by offering time and expertise..

If you can, please donate time or funds to help us make the Fylde a frack free zone. We still have time to stop this.

This not a legacy we should leave for our children.

If you can help please contact us using the email address below.

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